11e Gen Rack Servers

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  1. Dell PowerEdge R310 4x 3.5"
    Vanaf: € 247,75 Configureren
  2. Dell PowerEdge DX6012s 12x 3.5"
    Vanaf: € 29,95 Configureren
  3. Dell PowerEdge R410 4x 3.5" Fixed HDD
    Vanaf: € 218,00 Configureren
  4. Dell PowerEdge R410 4x 3.5"
    Vanaf: € 118,00 Configureren
  5. Dell PowerEdge R510 12x 3.5"
    Vanaf: € 159,85 Configureren
  6. Dell PowerEdge R815 v2 6x 2.5"
    Vanaf: € 194,80 Configureren
  7. HP ProCurve 2610-48-PWR 48 Ports PoE Switch P/N: J9089-60001, J9089A

    Key features

    • Access layer cost-effective switch

    • Layer 2 plus static IP routing

    • Scalable 10/100 connectivity

    • Gigabit fiber uplinks

    • Enterprise-class features

    Vanaf: € 199,00 Configureren
  8. HP ProCurve Switch 3400CL P/N: J4905A, J4905A-80099

    The ProCurve 3400cl Switch series consists of exceptionally affordable 24- and 48-port 10/100/1000 intelligent edge stackables with optional 10-Gigabit uplinks and stacking capability. Created in response to the growing need for network capacity in a world where high-demand applications are becoming common, these standards-based Layer 3 switches provide outstanding performance, traffic management, and access control capabilities. The result is an efficient, secure, high-throughput, multi-service network that is able to handle the demands of today's applications as well as those that will emerge in the future.

    Vanaf: € 150,00 Configureren
  9. HP Server Console Switch KVM, 16 ports P/N: 513736-001

    HP Server Console Switches are key components for rack mount implementations (a console represents one keyboard, video monitor, and mouse (KVM) attached to a server). The family of HP Server Console Switches allows multiple servers in a rack to be accessed and managed by one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. By using a console switch, as many as 256 computers running different operating systems can be managed. The 8-Port and 16-port Server Console Switches feature an On-Screen Display (OSD) interface, which has intuitive menus for accessing each attached computer or serial attached device. Equipment can be identified by a userdefined name or sequentially by number, enabling easy access.

    Vanaf: € 80,00 Configureren
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Producten 1-12 van 90

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