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HP 19" Server Rack 10642 G1 42U, width: 60 cm depth: 100cm

HP 19" Server Rack 10642 G1 42U, width: 60 cm depth: 100cm

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Manufacturer HP
Part Number 10642G1, 10642 G1, 10000G1, 10000 G1
HP part nr. 245169-001, 260289-001, 260293-001, 260287-001, 260286-001, 260291-001, 245161-B21, 246099-B21, 245161-B22, 245161-B23
length 120 cm
width 60 cm
height 42U (+/- 200 cm)
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HP 19" Server Rack 10000G1 42U
- width: 60 cm
- Depth: 100 cm
- 1 x perforated front door with lock
- 2 x perforated rear door with lock
- 4 x Wheels
- 4 x Stablizer foot (bolts)
- 1 x fixed roof panel
- Square rackrails mounting holes
P/N: 10642G1

HP 19" Server Rack 10000G3 42U Sidepanel set for one rack
The sidepanel set includes:
  - 2x top panel
  - 2x middle panel with lock
  - 2x bottom panel
All panels can be used on the left or right side of the serverrack.
The middle panel lock uses the same key as the standard door lock.
Compatible with: HP Server Rack P/N: 10642G1, 10842G1
P/N: BW895A, BW896A, BW897A, BW906A